Nice Guys Finish Last

While sitting behind my computer on a gloomy afternoon, I wonder – why do women prefer guys who don’t treat them well? We complain that guys nowadays don’t know how to treat women with respect but the ones who do, end up in the friend zone. Continue reading


Genocide in the 1990s

The notion of human security is always presenting new challenges to the international community. In the world that we live in, crimes against humanity are being committed almost daily in conflict zones and war torn countries. Although there are many, there is one act that is vast more brutal and barbaric than others. The word Genocide was created by a Polish writer called Raphael Lemkin. He combined the word genos (Greek for race) and the word side (Latin for killing).  Continue reading

Step Inside and see the Devil in I…

Have you ever loved something so much you kept coming back for more? The desire to feel a natural high and have the adrenaline pumping through your veins becomes more and more irresistible with each waking moment. Yesterday was one of those days… a day that started like any other but unlike most days, the opportunity for chaos was upon us. It was going to be a test of stamina, strength and endurance.

Continue reading