Step Inside and see the Devil in I…

Have you ever loved something so much you kept coming back for more? The desire to feel a natural high and have the adrenaline pumping through your veins becomes more and more irresistible with each waking moment. Yesterday was one of those days… a day that started like any other but unlike most days, the opportunity for chaos was upon us. It was going to be a test of stamina, strength and endurance.

The opportunity to see Slipknot in concert doesn’t present itself every day. Corey Taylor has the ability to separate the wall between animal and man, creating room for absolute mayhem.

Gates to the arena opened at 5.30pm and having bought the early entry package, metal heads from Melbourne and I were the first to make our way to the line and then to the front of the stage when the doors opened 45 minutes later. As mentioned before, the level of respect that each audience member has for each other as well as the level of respect that is shared between band and audience is such a beautiful thing that’s almost impossible to ignore.

Two bands played before Slipknot, a local metal band called In Hearts Wake followed by Lamb of God. When Lamb of God and Slipknot are both in the equation, it can lead to a deadly mix. Each band played for an hour, increasing the intensity more and more.

“And the rain will kill us all. Throw ourselves against the wall” Psychosocial by Slipknot

9.20 at night, the lights go down and you hear the chanting of 15,000 people. The red curtains are pulled up and the crowd is greeted by nine men and their beloved masks. For the next two hours, this sick individual experienced life in a way that most people would describe as psychotic. It’s almost impossible to explain the overall mood of the show because different people feel different things. On the night I had the chance to meet some people that have seen Slipknot between 15 and 20 times while others were seeing them live for the very first time.

“Seeing Slipknot live has been a long time coming. I’ve been listening to them for over a decade now” – Jesse

After last night, I realized that other concerts, such as Black Sabbath, are child’s play compared to the intensity and insanity that is being front row at a Slipknot concert. My body is bruised, I hit my front tooth on the barricade and it feels as if I’ve been hit by a truck but it was worth it and I would never wish for it to be different. After enduring five hours of being pushed against a metal barrier, I can honestly say that I think I can handle anything. I can write about the need I have to feel alive and to feed my soul with intense emotions and one of a kind experiences but I think the song Rock Show by Halestorm explains the situation quite perfectly.

“Little girl, you like it loud. Come alive in the middle of a crowd. You wanna scream, you wanna shout. Get excited when the lights go down at the rock show. You’ll be in the front row, heart and soul we both know it’s where you gotta be” – Rock Show by Halestorm


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