Fear of the Unknown

At the end of every major milestone we often wonder what is coming up next and the new set of challenges we are going to be presented with. Although anxiety and stress sets in, these moments give true meaning to life and the adventures that we have to take in order to reach the best version of ourselves.

Currently, I am preparing myself to sit my final exam and graduate university as well as preparing myself for the ‘real world’. Stress levels are at a record 93% and as each day goes by it becomes more and more apparent that the list of opportunities are truly going to be endless. Persistence is key and if you get something wrong, tomorrow gives the opportunity to try again.

Just like everyone says, university life is one of the best moments. It’s a land of wonders where people can discover and learn about themselves as well as figure out exactly what they want to achieve in their lives. Yes its stressful and hard work but it allows for people, both young and old to develop skills in an environment that lets them to ask questions and seek help if needed. In the professional adult world, people are expected to already know the answers.

“A university should be a place of light, of liberty, and of learning” – Benjamin Disraeli

We don’t get trained on how to grow up because for each person it’s about a journey and the experience is different. Both in the professional and personal spheres, the only way to learn is by jumping in the deep end. For example, earlier this week I had my first ever interview for a job in my field and to be perfectly honest it was the most nerve-racking experience. It’s hard to feel confident and empowered when you are in a room with people who have years of professional experience and life in front of you. Being at the mere age of 21, it’s difficult to be able to sell your skills to a potential employer. Although I didn’t get the job, it was definitely a lesson and I think its important to take everything that happens in life as a learning experience, regardless if its good or bad.

“Adult life is dealing with an enormous amount of questions that don’t have answers” – Bruce Springsteen

It’s important not sell yourself short. As a person with many talents, its important for each individual to highlight those skills and to not settle for a job or a career that won’t enrich your life or won’t bring moral and ethical satisfaction. Having said that, in this crumbling economy and the level of unemployment on the rise, people who are looking for a job to kick start their career do tend to settle for a filler job until the right one comes along.

Also, its very important to maintain a work/life balance. We are human beings who need to feed our souls with moments of passion, happiness, love, etc. We need to have a nice balance between work and life and although most employers do expect a level of overtime to be produced, at the end of the day one needs to have the best of both worlds. As virtual ethics argues, for an individual to reach their full ethical potential as a human being, they must have a balance in all aspects of life.

“Companies today can not afford to ignore the issue of work/life balance. Providing employees to flexibility to address personal commitments, without compromising the needs of the business, can make the difference between a good work environment and a great one” – Diane Donmeyer

When we are born, we’re not given a manual on how to live, only experiences and life moments can teach us what we are capable of and what we can achieve if we have the determination and motivation to work hard. The best advice that I have been given when asking about how to tackle being an adult is, “fake it until you make it”.


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