The End of an Era

When you get to see one of the greatest bands you have ever seen, it’s a feeling that overtakes all others. It’s a mix of excitement, love, nervousness among others! It’s an euphoric feeling and it’s something that one can’t describe with words for it’s only understood when it’s felt.

The day begins at 7 in the morning in a mundane way, shower, breakfast, there’s nothing too exciting about it.

Flash forward to 9am and it starts. You took the day off work and you stay at home and turn up your stereo as loud as it can go and you put on your playlist with nothing but their music. The house trembling due to your jumps and the entire neighborhood can hear you sing along to Paranoid at the top of your lungs!

At 2pm you get ready and leave the house! Arriving 3 hours before the doors open in order to secure a front row spot for your 5’2 self! Most people that attend a heavy metal concert are big, tall, scary looking guys and although they respect you for being there, you can’t take any chances!

The train ride feels like forever and you are trembling, unsure if it’s the adrenaline or the 16oz coffee you just drank! Deep breaths and the excitement builds up as the train approaches the station. After hours, the gate to the arena opened and people scattered to find their doors in hopes to get first choice at the front.

The doors open and you make your way to the front… Ok, you’ve managed to get to the second row and there is a small space out in front of you and you swear that you can fit your small figure between the two guys. After grabbing their attention, the two individuals happily make room and success was achieved! Now we just talk to them some more before the show start.

Alright 7.40pm on the clock and the opening band starts, this time around it’s an American band called Rival Sons and they are really talented and have a Led Zeppelin vibe to them. The set goes for about 45 minutes and although the crowd is enjoying the music, they can’t wait for the main event.

Look at the clock, ok it’s 8.43… 2 more minutes and this is it! Lights go off, you see 4 shadows making their way to the front of the stage and a video introduces the theme! 3..2..1… The words BLACK SABBATH appear on the screen and you see the legends themselves. In their late 60s, Tony Iommi, Geezer Butler and Ozzy Osbourne managed to keep an entire arena on their feet for 2 hours and there was no sign of slowing down.

At the front row, the experience was somewhat magical. When the band came out, hearts flustered, souls were set free and for that one moment we were able to let go of everything. As a young person experiencing that moment, it was something that can never truly be explained in words. When one of your favorite musicians lock eyes with you, there seems to be a bond that connects you both through music. The insane guitar riffs that are conjured sends the crowd into a frenzy and 20,000 people lose control and let go of their worries for a few hours!

Reflecting back on tonight’s event it can be concluded that Rock n Roll is needed for the human race to survive. In a world full of prejudice and hate, the rock community accepts all people regardless of how they are, what they look like or what they do. It brings people who truly love music and love making music together to listen and enjoy good music. Although we might look a bit scary with the leather jackets and the black clothes, everyone is so kind to one another and genuinely look after each other at shows.

Now sitting in a dark room with nothing but the sound of a train in the distance, it’s concluded that there will never be a band like Black Sabbath ever again and that’s sad. Everyone suffers from post concert depression but  this was the last tour ever and now the moment is over. The reality is, all you have now are the songs and the memories from one of the greatest shows.

Originally published on in April 2016

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