Smartphones & Social Media vs Our Free Will

“It was terribly dangerous to let your thoughts wander when you were in a public place or within range of a telescreen” (1984 by George Orwell). 

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The Truth about Customer Service

As technology evolves, the customer service experience becomes less and less about quality and more about quantity. Big corporations tend to care more about the number of people they are servicing and less about the level of service. Face to face customer service is easier to cope with because a level of social behaviour is expected. However, over the phone customer service is much more open, resulting in customers being more prone to speak their minds and express their frustrations in a less subtle manner.

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Diets v Eating Healthy

What is a healthy diet? We’ve always been told that being skinny brings happiness but how can we understand those thin people who eat unhealthy foods and stay happy? How can those people who strive to maintain a healthy lifestyle be unhappy? As someone who is constantly counting calories and macro nutrients I find skinny people who eat unhealthy foods very infuriating. What sort of hard work have they done to be gifted with such bodies? Continue reading

Technology is slowly destroying us

While walking down the street on a busy Monday afternoon, I noticed a lot of people don’t pay attention to their surroundings or what’s around them. They are either too busy looking down on their phone screen or are emerged in deep conversation, resulting in them blocking pathways and getting dirty looks from those who are in a hurry. You see it everywhere, not just on the streets. While out on dates or during concerts, everyone is on their smartphones or tablets. Why have people become so addicted to technology and are forgetting to live their lives and appreciate those defining moments?

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